Change Everything in 2014

If ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’ then 2014 is the year I do everything differently.

Starting 2014 off with a cleanse and 30 days of healthy eating.

Also starting 2014 by setting up a blog to document the journey and adventure.

Bought a Fitbit Flex to track everything and shame me into being more active and document it.

I have a major goal this year to Walk Across Spain on the Camino de Santiago.



I am having some doubts about going to Spain.  I feel like I’ve had my life on hold taking care of Mom and now I just really want some independence and the thought if getting an apartment and being able to have friends visit seems like the best way to do that, however,  it very well could delay being able to go to Spain.

In addition, I haven’t traveled abroad at all and the thought of being able to travel and what all I could do with th $5-6k that it will take to go to Spain. I could work out a couple of trips with friends instead. Not to mention maybe losing my job if I leave for a month.
So much to consider but at the same time these are not really problems, but considerations and I’m very happy to have them.


Another good week!

I am averaging 12k steps this week and have maintained my total 8.5# weightloss for a week. I only went up and down by1#. I have finally taken the time to set the stride length settings on my Fitbit and figured out how to enter activity correctly.

I just bought a windsurfer and am feeling really great right now, so can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can try it out. I haven’t windsurfed much, and that was over 20 yrs ago!



I finally feel like I have some momentum. Last week I worked 6 straight days (first time this year) and got in about 72 hours at work, but I also got in a lot of miles. I finally am starting to feel better when I walk more. Since I work 10-12 hour shifts, walking about 3-5 miles with a lot of standing, I have been trying to work out more to gain some stamina and its finally working. Plus I finally have hit the middle mark of my weightloss goal. 

When I’m working out now, I am imagining my body getting stronger and tighter. I close my eyes as I pull and push the arm levers, feeling the muscles tighten through my arms, back, torso and abdomen, imagining those muscles getting more pronounced and dislodging the fat cells to burn them off. And dropping under 160 for the first time this year feels amazing. I’ve lost 8.5 pounds and I have 8.5 more to go. Oh and my hip flexor pain has not been present in several days!Image

The highlight of my week was on Saturday, I stayed over at a friend’s house but due to a miscommunication, I woke the next day without a way to get to work. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day and I had 6 hours to get 9 miles. So I walked the first 3 miles and ate lunch. Then walked another 3 miles which put me over halfway there but the last 3 miles are the toughest with a lot of hills, so I called a cab, because I still had an 11 hour shift ahead of me. I finished work at midnight and was very tired, but I bounced back with a good night’s sleep. Bummer that I just missed getting my first 20k step day by 1,091 steps. 




Here Comes the Sun…

Feeling great today! Yesterday I had great motivation and met all three of my goals. I did 5 miles, over 30 minute workout and 10k steps. Since I’m not working much, it dawned on me that working out should be my priority. I should just get up and get it done. I just realized that the last month or so has been kind of depressing and the best antidote is to it is exercise.

ON the upside, the ice is melting and should be gone today, so no more excuses. I did walk down to the water and checked all the neighbors’ docks for ice or wind damage, but really was just trying to get a picture of the pelicans but they weren’t in our cove. I’ll keep trying though!


Winter Blah…

Its been hard to be motivated, but I’ve had a fairly good week of activity, 25 mi for the week. My goal is 35 mi per week, so still have some work to do. I have discovered that the Fitbit isn’t that accurate when you are carrying stuff in your hands it doesn’t count your steps accurately, also when you’re working out, it isn’t accurate if you’re not moving your hands. But this is good because then I’m more active rather than less. I’ll take it. Now counting calories is tiresome, but it is the only way to keep some type of score. I was sick last week and got into bad habits or rather fell out of my good ones. But at least my weight is fairly static. 



Ha Ha Tonka hike

Today I went out to Ha Ha Tonka State Park and hiked 2 trails and got in about 2.5 miles.

Finally got a break in the weather! It was 65 degrees today and since I was going to be out near one of the State Parks in my area, I decided to do some hiking. This was a steep area, so it was a good workout even though I only did about an hour.

Ha Ha Tonka hike