Starting point

Ugh, I took my ‘before’ picture and took my measurements… talk about motivation! I did it before work and then worried all night at work because I had a picture of myself in my underwear on my phone, seemed potentially awkward. I have now moved it to a private place and removed from my ‘cloud’ because who wants that floating around in cyber space.

I have been using Fitbit since Tuesday and very happy to see that a typical night at work is worth 10k steps. Last night was dead though so only 6k, but it wasn’t a typical night. Now my main trouble points are my days off, I have got to be more active, but the weather reallys stinks right now, so I need to figure something out.

Spending the next 3 days in KC and curious to see how ‘active’ I can be. Tonight I’m helping at Laura’s restaurant and tomorrow taking my nephew to a KU basketball game. Oh and Monday, I start the 2 wk Lemon Cleanse and diet. I’ve decided the ‘diet’ part will be fruit, smoothies and veggies, because those is the easiest thing to take to work and eat.


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