First trip to REI was exhausting!

Ok, I probably had a little too much fun yesterday in KC and was dragging a bit. But I went by REI anyway and tried on hiking shoes and backpacks.

I still think its too early to buy hiking shoes and Laura at REI agreed with me. I told her that I bartend and am on my feet 30-40 hrs a week and right now my main concern is work shoes. I have a nagging pain on the inside top of my right knee and a hip flexor issue on the left. She had me try on a pair of black leather Keens and wow, did they feel good. So I am hopeful that I can resolve those two issues with proper work footwear.

Back packs were another issue, Steve measured me and to my surprise I need an extra small frame. They only had two packs that would fit me properly and once loaded with 18 pounds, I walked about the store and quickly my left hip flexor was aggravated. The first pack (Magenta, yuck) wasn’t the best fit, but when he switched me to the other pack, it did feel better but by then my hip was so sore, it felt sprung again. Oh and I got a different guy after the first walk about, so he agreed with me that maybe I should wait a few more months to pick out a pack and it may not hurt to wait until I have my shoes broke in a bit.

Well at least my concern over the pack is totally justified.


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