Winter Blues and Head Colds

Ugh, busy weekend and got a head cold to boot. Then its been frigid outside on my two days off, but at least I’ve basically gotten over the head cold and head back to work tonight. I got in 22 miles last week, mostly from working 3 nights.

One good thing was I decided to go ahead and buy a Gazelle from Amazon to get me moving on my days off. Between my Mom’s poor health and my need to get in shape for the Camino, this seemed like the best thing to buy to help us achieve our goals. It is low impact, which we both need, but its still a cardio workout and it was a lot more affordable than an elliptical machine. It will be delivered tomorrow, although I work the next 4 days and won’t need it, hopefully my step-dad and I can get it together and Mom can start using it right away. 

On the upside, I am down 4 pounds since the first of the year. And I actually am doing rather well with the calorie counting on the Fitbit. Although last night I slacked off admitting to my late night snacking. Since I work the next 4 days, I’ll do much better as I control my snack options at the bar and am usually too busy to eat much anyway. 


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