I am having some doubts about going to Spain.  I feel like I’ve had my life on hold taking care of Mom and now I just really want some independence and the thought if getting an apartment and being able to have friends visit seems like the best way to do that, however,  it very well could delay being able to go to Spain.

In addition, I haven’t traveled abroad at all and the thought of being able to travel and what all I could do with th $5-6k that it will take to go to Spain. I could work out a couple of trips with friends instead. Not to mention maybe losing my job if I leave for a month.
So much to consider but at the same time these are not really problems, but considerations and I’m very happy to have them.


Another good week!

I am averaging 12k steps this week and have maintained my total 8.5# weightloss for a week. I only went up and down by1#. I have finally taken the time to set the stride length settings on my Fitbit and figured out how to enter activity correctly.

I just bought a windsurfer and am feeling really great right now, so can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can try it out. I haven’t windsurfed much, and that was over 20 yrs ago!