I finally feel like I have some momentum. Last week I worked 6 straight days (first time this year) and got in about 72 hours at work, but I also got in a lot of miles. I finally am starting to feel better when I walk more. Since I work 10-12 hour shifts, walking about 3-5 miles with a lot of standing, I have been trying to work out more to gain some stamina and its finally working. Plus I finally have hit the middle mark of my weightloss goal. 

When I’m working out now, I am imagining my body getting stronger and tighter. I close my eyes as I pull and push the arm levers, feeling the muscles tighten through my arms, back, torso and abdomen, imagining those muscles getting more pronounced and dislodging the fat cells to burn them off. And dropping under 160 for the first time this year feels amazing. I’ve lost 8.5 pounds and I have 8.5 more to go. Oh and my hip flexor pain has not been present in several days!Image

The highlight of my week was on Saturday, I stayed over at a friend’s house but due to a miscommunication, I woke the next day without a way to get to work. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day and I had 6 hours to get 9 miles. So I walked the first 3 miles and ate lunch. Then walked another 3 miles which put me over halfway there but the last 3 miles are the toughest with a lot of hills, so I called a cab, because I still had an 11 hour shift ahead of me. I finished work at midnight and was very tired, but I bounced back with a good night’s sleep. Bummer that I just missed getting my first 20k step day by 1,091 steps.